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Boys Room Progress-Part 3

Sunday, November 2, 2014

We are so close to finishing M&L's room!  Last weekend the shelves went up over Lucas's dresser and this weekend we finished the cornice boards for the windows.

We initially purchased red Lack shelves from Ikea for their room, but I thought since the boys' legos are so colorful that the wood tone would be better.  Plus, I got these for cheap on Craigslist!  

I had seen several tutorials online for using foam insulation to make cornice boards and thought it looked super easy.  I was wrong!  I think cutting thin plywood wood have been easier and we would not have foam pebbles flying all over the house.  Oh well!  They are done and hung now. 

I wanted to add ribbon trim to jazz them up a little bit, but the Hubby disagreed.

To trim or not to trim????

I picked up this fabric from Premier Fabrics in Raleigh.  I love having a local source for all of my Premier Prints favorites.

We are almost done with this space!  Here is what's left on the to do list:

  • Bookshelf/Hutch for between the beds
  • Sconces
  • Gallery Wall
  • Paint final 2 Star Wars canvases
  • Laundry hampers
  • Trick out the closet
  • Drawer knobs

Headboards for my boys

Saturday, March 29, 2014

M&L have requested a blue room with blue beds and blue blankets.  I wonder what their favorite color is?

I did a mock up with some Premier Prints fabrics.  Which one is your favorite?

Nursery or child's room art from Kirkland's

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I am blogging on the long road trip to Florida. Sunshine, here we come!

So many of my friends are having babies so I thought it would be fun to source nursery art from an unusual source-Kirkland's.  Kirkland's is one of my go to sources for family room, bedroom, and dining room art aka "Adult rooms" but they have some fun pieces for a little boy or girl's room too.


Metal Daisy Wall Plaques


Vibrant Floral Canvas Oil Painting

Blue or Green Wall panels hook

Butterfly Love Canvas Art Print

Docked Boats on the Water Birchwood Art Print

Comic Book Wall Plaques