Great Room Updates - Phase 2

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

My hubby was checking out my new blog posts today and was shocked and appalled perturbed that I had not yet featured our fireplace wall and DIY curtains.  How dare I!  He did most of the wallpapering and helped with painting the curtains. He's my partner in crime.

I am smitten with how a couple (three to be exact) rolls of peel and stick grasscloth wallpaper have changed the entire look of our living room.  It was pretty easy to install and only took 2-3 hours.  It feels so us and like it was meant to be.  We are not ones to shy away from color if you remember our teal accent wall in our last house. You can see our house on Everstone Road here.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I love teal. So this picture below stopped me in my tracks.  Then I got to thinking that these simple panels would be a good fit with our rug since it is so busy.  Here's a tip, rugs with a lot of patterns are great at hiding stains and are perfect for homes with pets, kids and/or high traffic areas.

Have you noticed that some of your favorite bloggers have gone back to repurposing things that they already have? Or doing more DIY projects?  I don't know if it's just being stuck  safe at home, or having a limited budget or just the slower pace, but my creative juices have been flowing these last couple of months. 

                                                      Ballard Designs
I loved these drapes from Ballard Designs, but they weren't in my budget right now. I'm in the hotel business which has been greatly affected by COVID19.  So I came up with the idea of painting thin stripes on some Ikea curtains that we had purchased on our last trip to Northern Virginia.  I'm really happy with 
how they turned out. 

DIY Ballard Design Curtains
                                                  DIY Stripe Curtain Panels 

                                                         Source: Curtains

I love the look of these Ikea navy velvet drapes but always knew that they would only be a Fall/Winter option for us.

Hubby still thinks we need to use 4 striped panels but I love the openness with only using two. What do you think?  Should we stick with two panels and add some to the kitchen? Or put four striped panels here?


  1. I'm with you - just 2 panels!

  2. I like the panels just the way they are! Beautiful work!!

  3. I’m copying your room. Got the rug. And going to order the grass wall paper. My walls next to fireplace go to ground. With window in middle. How many rolls?

    1. You will just have to measure and do the calculations. There are some online wallpaper calculators that you can use. I recommend ordering a lot more than you think you will need and return what is left since you want them all to be from the same lot.


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